4 of the Best Scenic Spots in Middle Tennessee

There really is no better time to be outdoors in Tennessee. Fall is in full swing, and the leaves are making their last debut of the year.

There are several hiking trails throughout Tennessee, but four locations come to mind when planning a fall excursion. If you’re looking for the best vantage points, you will want to explore these destinations.

Make it quick though! The autumn leaves will soon be gone! Get there before the 2nd week of November or so.

1. Welch’s Overlook


A straightforward 0.3 mile hiking trail with a scenic lookout point over the Caney Fork River. Located with the Virgin Falls area. This is a rather remote location so follow GPS and be prepared to take your time getting there. If you are up for the challenge, get there early and also see Virgin Falls waterfall or Martha’s Pretty Point.


2. Window Cliffs


Want a 200′ high vantage point? You need to go to Window Cliffs! Just be prepared for the 5.3 mile hike. It’s worth the hike though! The trail entails waterfalls and ends on top of sky high cliff tops.

Be sure to wear waterproof hiking boots because you will need to cross over the creeks many times! For reference, this place is near Cookeville Boat Dock on Center Hill Lake.

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3. Eagle Point

at Dale Hollow Lake

A relatively easy and straightforward trail. Located on the Tennessee / Kentucky line, Dale Hollow Lake is a beautiful lake with multiple islands and coves. Similar to Center Hill Lake, Dale Hollow Lake is noted as having larger channels. While there are several hiking trails in the area, the Eagle Point hiking trail may offer the best view.


4. Bee Rock

Monterey, Tennessee

Are you traveling through the state? Bee Rock is the perfect pit stop between Knoxville and Nashville. Located in rural Monterey, Bee Rock offers a panoramic view of Tennessee hills. 

Bee Rock is known for its panoramic views and dramatic cliffs. The overlook provides stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains, forests, and the winding Calfkiller River below. It offers a unique perspective of the Cumberland Plateau’s natural beauty and is a popular spot for photography and enjoying the scenic landscapes.

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