Scenic Bee Rock Lookout Point Offers a Panoramic View of a Rural Tennessee Valley

Scenic Bee Rock Overlook

Address: 1420 Bee Rock Rd, Monterey, Tennessee

Open every day sunrise to dark. A short, gravel, dog-friendly trail.

Photographer: Rosemary Fields

Are you traveling through the state? Bee Rock is the perfect pit stop between Knoxville and Nashville. Located in rural Monterey, Bee Rock offers a panoramic view of Tennessee hills.

Bee Rock is known for its panoramic views and dramatic cliffs. The overlook provides stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains, forests, and the winding Calfkiller River below. It offers a unique perspective of the Cumberland Plateau’s natural beauty and is a popular spot for photography and enjoying the scenic landscapes.

Recently, a new gravel parking lot was added which shortened the trail and made the final lookout point even more accessible. Bring your camera, a book, a hammock, your pup….it’s worth sitting and staying a while!

If you’re in the area, you will also be close to Cookeville City Lake and Waterfalls. Be sure to stop in and see this place too!

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