Design Inspiration: Cozy Rustic Cabin

Rustic-Style Cabins


Inspiration for a cabin in the holler or on the ridge.

Just east of Nashville is a rural region full of ridge points and deep valleys. Sprawling large farms owned by one family and one family only. Second and third generation farmers still tending to the land and keeping watch.

Paved roads fade to one lanes and then gravel. In most places, cell phone service drops. In a fast paced world focused on convenience, we often find ourself seeking the simple and plain places and spaces that offer us peace.

French Architect: MMWorks / Photo: Tim Bies

Do you dream of being hidden in the woods? Do you seek a quiet place that feels more like a secret you don’t want to share with too many? A rustic haven full of your favorite antiques and family heirlooms.

If you are familiar with the south, you know there are a lot of cabins and homes that will be overtaken by Mother Nature herself. Homes that have been forgotten possibly and their past remains forever a mystery – only to be discovered at a later date with just a few stones or chimney. Places you wouldn’t even know about because they are in the thick.

Have you found one to remodel? Are you building a cabin with bespoke style? It wouldn’t be hard to find some land to harbor a place like that.

Tennessee is the satisfying compromise of the south. To the east, there are rocky beaches, and to the south, there are scorching temperatures. It’s Tennessee that has the four distinct seasons with matching diverse landscape.

From romantic western cabins on the prairie to snowy cabins on a mountain top to lake cabins hidden in the hills, cozy cabins have been a dream for most for many, many years. A place to slip off to when the world feels too heavy or you just need a change of pace.

Photo: Julianna Mae

Often built with ingredients of the Earth, cabins feel safe and strong. A space that appeases each sense and blends in with its natural surroundings. Sounds of a nearby creek or river provide ambience, and nature soothes the hurried soul. The definition of luxury somehow shifts from fine polished marble to tried and true wooden beams. The most expensive item found here is fine heirloom china. Maybe a few gas lanterns but not many candles – the scent of cedar becomes the aroma of choice.

How does your idea of a cabin look? Here are a few ideas to dream about.

Lamp:Sigfried Giedion floor lamp / Hallway:Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen / Staircase: Lauren Liess / Exterior:Lendager Group. Photograph by Rasmus Hjortshøj / Living Room: Trulog / Twin Bed: Designer Tammy Connor / Living Room:Tammy Connor / Living Room: Floortje Interiors, France / Arm Chair: KRAUTKOPF / Window View: Odles Lodge / Living Room with Mount: Slettvoll / Clawfoot Tub: Lyngen Alps / Exterior: Atlanta Homes / Staircase: Dering Hall / Cabin by the Water: McAlpine / Beams:Aix-les-Milles – France / Chalet 1864 / Styling: Amber Interiors.

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