Aguaribay: A Cliffside Villa in Turks and Caicos with An Elevated View of the Ocean

Being mostly flat, it’s easy to see from one part of Turks and Caicos to another part of the island in the distance.

In some areas, you will find cliff sides and rocky shorelines. Turquoise water clashes at the shoreline. Smooth white sand turning to coarse rocky banks.

Boldly facing the sea, Aquaribay offers a forward facing elevated view of the world’s bluest water. White washed stairs lead to an open air patio shaded by giant, sail-like canvases.

Solitude is easy to find here with an expansive view and beach.

A shimmering turquoise pool creates the illusion of a single body of water. Pool and ocean combine and is accessed just a few inches away from your lounge chair.

The master suite is located closest to the water and features an outdoor shower and bath tub. This space feels like a royal suite. Completely hidden on the hillside, you could bathe in the moonlight.

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