Garden Guide for Tennessee: A Monthly Planting Calendar

Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated.

Save this as your go-to guide for gardening in Tennessee!

Whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned green thumb, this monthly calendar will help you plan your garden throughout the year.

Tennessee’s diverse climate means there are always things to plant, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and shrubs.

Basic Schedule for each Month:


  • Vegetables: Indoors – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers.
  • Herbs: Indoors – basil, chives, parsley.
  • Flowers: Indoors – begonias, impatiens, marigolds.


  • Vegetables: Indoors – eggplant, okra, celery.
  • Herbs: Indoors – oregano, thyme.
  • Flowers: Indoors – petunias, snapdragons.
  • Outdoors: Plant asparagus crowns and onion sets if soil is workable.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – peas, spinach, radishes, carrots.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – cilantro, dill.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – pansies, violas, sweet peas.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, beets, cabbage.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – chives, mint.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – begonias, marigolds, zinnias.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – beans, corn, cucumbers, squash.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – basil, rosemary, sage.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – petunias, impatiens, geraniums.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – pumpkins, sweet potatoes.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – basil, parsley, oregano.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets for fall harvest.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – tarragon, thyme.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – zinnias, marigolds.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – turnips, kale, spinach.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – cilantro, dill.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – chrysanthemums, asters.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – lettuce, radishes, turnips.
  • Herbs: Outdoors – parsley, chervil.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – pansies, ornamental kale.


  • Vegetables: Outdoors – garlic, onions.
  • Herbs: Indoors – basil, rosemary.
  • Flowers: Outdoors – plant spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils.


  • Vegetables: Indoors – start seedlings for indoor growing or early spring.
  • Herbs: Indoors – chives, mint.
  • Flowers: Indoors – amaryllis bulbs for winter blooms.


  • Vegetables: Indoors – microgreens, lettuce.
  • Herbs: Indoors – basil, chives, parsley.
  • Flowers: Indoors – holiday cacti, poinsettias.

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Click on any month to jump directly to the specific planting guide and more things to plant:

Always remember: Weather conditions can vary, so always check your local forecasts and be ready to adapt as needed. Enjoy the process and the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!

Feel free to leave comments below with any questions or tips you might have!

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