fancher falls waterfall center hill lake tennessee

Paddle to 80′ Fancher Falls Waterfall on Center Hill Lake in Tennessee

Fancher Falls

Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

Waypoint: 36.000570 / -85.619013

Photographer: Rosemary Fields

80′ Waterfall on Center Hill Lake accessible by water. Great for swimming, paddle boards, kayaking, canoeing and boating. Also known as Taylor Creek Falls. Mist Falls is directly by this waterfall, a narrow waterfall.

Directions: From Cookeville Boat Dock, go left. The boat slips will be on your left. You will pass all of these. Turn into the first cove on the right – this will look like a really large fork. Keep paddling as you wind back into the cove, and eventually you will see Fancher Falls. See Map below.

By the way, there are also other waterfalls throughout Center Hill Lake’s shoreline. Two other large waterfalls you may be interested in seeing: Burgess Falls and Rock Island.

Please note: Most of the waterfalls and hiking trails we feature on this site are located in rural Tennessee. Trails can be slick due to water and very tight due to erosion. Bluffs can be extremely steep. For the most part, there are no safety fences or ropes. Vegetation can be thick during the spring and summer months so the trails can be hidden. Know where you are by utilizing apps such as All Trails that track with you. These apps will note where the trails are so you can stay on the path. Pack food and water no matter how long you plan on staying. Leave only footprints – no trash. Know your limits. Physically, these places can take a lot of work to get to. Sunscreen and bug spray are a must. Be safe. Stay alert. And enjoy.

Can’t make it? Here’s 30 seconds of amazing Fancher Falls. Enjoy!

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