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Art can create a nice focal point or subtle detail in any space. There are so many talented artists so while you may think you don’t like art, it’s really because you haven’t found your favorite artist.

Continuing on the quest to bring you endless inspiration, I now present to you: Steven Johnson, an abstract expressionist artist.

His work appears on many of the internet’s most trafficked websites, such as Yahoo, Buzzfeed, USA Today,, BBC, India Times, Godaddy, Business Insider and more. 

Steve made the decision to release the vast bulk of his work into the public domain. He did this by giving up copyright on said work. This means that it is free for anyone to use for any purpose without cost.

His work has now been downloaded over seven million times in the last three years on Unsplash and Pexels. Steve also has an online store and prints can be purchased. Find on Instagram for the latest updates.

To see and/or download any of Steve’s copyright-free work (painting and digital):

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