Trending: Coastal Grandmother, the Elevated and Refined Interior Style and Aesthetic

When it comes to decorating and styling your home, it’s all about determining which aesthetic fits you best. If you’re looking for an elevated, coastal vibe, consider the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ aesthetic.

What is the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ style?

In short: a mingling of coastal décor and the breezy, elevated lifestyle. It’s the ultimate relaxed interior created through neutral tones, soft materials and fabric and a mix of coastal decor in light-filled rooms.

Incorporating a mix of elevated and fresh coastal styles, this modern trend is all about adopting a slow-paced, leisurely lifestyle – even if you don’t live near the coast!

How to Incorporate the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

So what can you add to your space that captures this look and feel? Let’s look at a few elements you will want to add in. Most are super affordable so this is a very feasible style.

6 Elements to Use in Your Home

1. Natural Materials

Wicker, bamboo and rattan mimic the surrounding natural scape. Store linens in baskets or opt in for a nice rattan pendant lighting to incorporate this relaxed texture. You may also like a jute rug – this is the most affordable rug there is too! It’s an ideal material for outdoor spaces too.

Photo: Rosemary Fields

2. Antique Furniture

Think soft cotton and crisp upholstered furniture contrasted with worn, antique side tables and stools.  It’s all about character!

Photo: Rosemary Fields

3. Souvenirs

A variety of mementos from your travels adds an element of interest. Did you grab something on your last trip that reminds you of a distant place? Display it on a side table or bookcase. Use giant shells for a soap holder or a catch all ‘bowl’ for keys. A few items to consider: seashells, all natural candles, plates, capiz wind chimes, mugs, etc. It’s all in the details.

4. Terracotta Planters

House your plants in aged terracotta planters of various sizes. Branchy foliage, fiddle leaf trees or rich herbs…you can’t go wrong with live plants!

These come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. Buy a set! You can also up-cycle an old pot or planter by painting it with texture paint. The possibilities are endless.

5. Linen & Cotton Fabric

Linen is the ultimate airy fabric. From clothing to bedding, this fabric keeps you cool on summer nights and is a versatile material.

6. Neutral Tones

White walls serve as the base but interior styling items like blankets, pillows and bedding can reflect coastal colors like blue, beige and peach. Layer away!

Love decor and styling too? What items are you incorporating? Leave your comment below!

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