Remote Designers are the New Thing

As an employer or business owner, have you ever worked with a freelance, remote designer? If not, you’re missing out!

It seems strange to not meet someone face to face yet they are delivering all kinds of material, right? Well it may be just what you need.

Working with Remote Designers

By working with remote designers, you could be saving big. There’s different options for pay structure. You are able to pay per project or for a certain amount of time. Contract work can be the best kind of work for your business. Of course there’s always a need to have someone in-house when your business is based on local events, happenings and possibly clientele, but if not, look into freelance agents.

We are moving towards a digital marketplace. The past few years, thousands of businesses have shut down brick and mortar locations. It’s all about being present online. Customers visiting storefronts are dwindling down. Retailers are revamping online presence with extensive marketing campaigns and lightning fast websites. So, does working remotely seem so strange when everything else is digital?

And there’s technology to still stay connected! Conference calls, texts, email, apps that connect people, etc. all straight to your phone.

Being remote and working alone is nothing new for remote designers! Our home office is our office. We are a business and function like so. We spend most of our time looking at computer screens anyway so quiet environments are ideal. While not seeing someone on a daily basis may not be the norm, it is for us. We’ve got it under control! Yes, we can meet deadlines. Yes, we are still working on your items. Yes, you can trust us to put the time in to get the job done.

Talent is limitless when considering freelance agents too! Why limit yourself to those only based in your town? By branching out, you’re able to explore the best of the best.

Side note: if someone reaches out to your company via a job posting and they’re a remote designer, don’t throw that email in the trash! Most of the time, as designers, we apply to jobs that mean something to us. Maybe we relate to your cause or have past experience in your industry. A lot of times we already have some ideas and concepts for the project or company. It’s always worth looking at someone’s work.

So, what’s the best way to hire someone remotely?

How to Hire A Remote Freelance Designer

Check references.

Most Designers who work remotely have an extensive track record. Yes, interactions may be short lived, but regardless of the timeframe, we have worked closely with upper management, execs or owners. Ask for reviews, testimonials or direct contact info. If it doesn’t check out, move on.

Freelance designers are essentially a business themself and function like so.

Require an online portfolio.

Top designers should absolutely have an online portfolio. There’s no excuse why they shouldn’t. If there’s no portfolio, chances are, you’re probably talking to the wrong people. Ask for a website link that you can view past work and projects. We work in a digital world…how else are we supposed to show you our latest project?

Find someone with a great style.

By choosing to work with someone remotely, your options are endless. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t have a style you like. Yes, as designers, we can create pretty much anything; however, you want someone who shares your taste. No need to waste time trying to explain why you hate serif and love sans serif and why neon colors aren’t for your therapy practice. On the flip side, you may not know exactly what you want or even care to have any input. If not, that’s fine! Freelance designers can work with that. We all know good design when we see it; go with someone whose work you love. First impressions are everything! Let them take it from there.

Meet face to face…digitally.

If you’re a face to face type person, no problem! Request a Skype interview. With all of the technology out there, it’s possible to chat and ‘meet’. Usually speaking over the phone or via Skype is a great way to introduce yourself and learn more about the designer on the other end. It’s normal to check in with a Skype call from time to time for Designers so don’t be scared to ask for a meet and greet upfront!

No? Not sold on the idea? Disagree? Okay. Well, check out this blog post: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Agent.

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