Tennessee is the ideal environment for a number of different animals and birds. If you escape the city, you are sure to see a plethora of wildlife. From hawks to bald eagles to deer to herons, there’s surely something magical about this state.

While we don’t have predatory animals, locals in rural areas have seen a black bear or two making their way through the area but never sticking around for long.

As a photographer, you can’t ask for a better place to shoot. No matter what time of year, you are guaranteed to see some sort of wildlife. It’s just a matter of sitting and waiting for the right opportunity. In the quiet of the woods or by shoreline of a lake or creek, Tennessee offers what we all seek – a peaceful solitude. It’s the best place to get back to nature and reset.

Recently, I came across two birds I have seen quite often. A heron and hawk. Take a look at these magnificent birds.