DIY Tattooed Easter Eggs

The easiest Easter craft with endless design possibilities. Design styles and ways to use as a centerpiece.

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Hilton Head Island

A low key spot in South Carolina with a breathtaking sunrise and really good food.


Still Life Photography

Modern, editorial photography idea for showcasing details and texture.

Home + Design

Electric Blue Pool Tile

Hospitality design featuring ultra bright royal blue pool tile.


Waterfront Living | Fairfield Glade

Tennessee’s best waterfront community with hiking trails, lakes, marinas and other amenities. Tour the Zurich Homes model home.


5 Professional Life-Saving Tips

Pull yourself all the way through. Here’s how.


10 Elements of Design

Subtle details that make the largest impact.

Home + Design

Conservatories + Greenhouses

Gardening season is here. Let’s daydream and look at some lovely spaces and places.

Colorful Abstract Artwork

Featured: Artist Steven Johnson

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Tennessee Waterfalls

The most amazing places to see this upcoming spring. Waterfalls and winding hiking trails within the rural, wild state.

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Home + Design

18 Interesting Takes on Paint Colors & Styles

Choosing your color is one thing but then the question becomes where to apply.

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