18 Dreamy Greenhouses that Look Like a Dream

Right out of a dream. Quaint greenhouses and conservatories – possibly the most amazing design and concept in architecture to date.

Ballyfin, Ireland

What’s the difference anyway? A conservatory is a glass-enclosed living space for people in which plants exist. A greenhouse is a more rugged structure, a place that plants can nurture and grow and people visit.

Both structures provide an ideal location for plants to grow no matter where you are. Plants can withstand harsh winters and cooler Autumn nights here.

Ballyfin, Ireland

You can also outfit these spaces to be designed using solar energy so they are environmentally sound.

When it comes to design, there is no right or wrong answer. Simple structures that look more like a country cottage shed or a glorious glass conservatory mimicking Victorian styles.

Features of A Conservatory

  • Crafted with eco-friendly materials
  • Includes automatic components without detracting from the visual appearance
  • Used as a living space but still integrates plants
  • Interiors includes conservatory furniture and other styling items

Features of A Greenhouse

  • Usually smaller scale
  • Appears to be rather utilitarian
  • Crafted to meet climatic and environmental needs

Greenhouses are an ideal place to grow out-of-season fruits and vegetables in colder weather. If you are into gardening or growing your own food, this is the best set up.

On a local (Tennessee) and commercial scale, Opry Mills hotel is an example of a space created to look and feel like a conservatory. Next time you are visiting, look up!

So, how would your dream space look?

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