Ceiling Medallions: The Easiest and Most Affordable Way to Add Drama to Any Room

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You have decorated every room, you have the furniture, the decor, and everything else that makes a house a home. Are you missing something? You probably haven’t considered ceiling medallions!

This simple and affordable piece of home decor makes any lighting fixture that much better. They create a dazzling focal point in any room. Whether you are wanting an oversized, gaudy medallion or something simple, the options are absolutely limitless.

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A few things to note about ceiling medallion sizes and finish:

There are several sizes. Consider the size of the room and the light fixture you’re pairing it with to determine which size is best.

Most of these medallions are not finished but factory primed – which is great! There are so many paints and finishes to use on these bad boys. Go for a metallic sheen, crackle spray paint, high gloss or really any other color or finish you want! You can find all sorts of options at Hobby Lobby or your local home improvement store.

8 Ceiling Medallion Styles You Will Love

1. Geometric Medallion

For a modern look, consider a geometric medallion. This type of medallion adds a contemporary twist to any space and can be customized in various shapes and sizes.

A great piece for a rather simple light fixture.

2. The Classic Round Medallion

This type of ceiling medallion has been in style for centuries and is still a favorite among many homeowners. It is perfect for adding a classic touch to any room and can be painted in any color to match your decor.

A great piece for an intricate light fixture.

3. Floral Medallion

Add a touch of nature to your room with a floral medallion. This type of medallion features intricate floral designs that can be painted in any color to match your decor.

4. Rustic Medallion

If you’re looking for a medallion that adds a touch of rustic charm to your room, go for a wooden medallion. They are perfect for cabins or homes with a rustic decor. Choose from a number of different stains.

Opt in for an oak piece or something that will show some grain.

5. Art Deco Medallion

Add a touch of glamour to your room with an Art Deco medallion. This type of medallion is perfect for homes with a luxurious decor and can be customized with gold or silver leaf details.

6. Starburst Medallion

For a unique touch to your ceiling, consider a starburst medallion. This type of medallion features an explosion of lines and curves that create a stunning visual effect.

Match your metallic finish to your hardware for a cohesive look.

7. Oval Medallions

Take your ceiling design to the next level! Are you working with a long or narrow room? You may want to consider an oval shape. While this is a larger piece, it works great in a long dining hall or even multiple fixtures.

8. Super Gaudy, Painted Medallions

Nothing is really out of style. You just have to find the right context and space for it.

While I probably wouldn’t use one of these mural-like pieces for a living room or dining room, I do like these fancy designs for baby nurseries! They usually are blue, pink, lilac or other light colors which make them just the right color for a nursery.

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