5 Life-Saving Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

1. Create a plan and then break it down into tasks.

Goals should never stress you out. If you find yourself in that situation, it’s probably because you aren’t planning and executing properly.

Create a plan and then break that down into tasks. This works for so many things: marketing, overall process, household chores, gardening schedule, etc.

Download Microsoft to Do. This is a great app because it allows you to create lists and repeating tasks with detailed notes and more. Consider this a must have. Simplify your life.

2. Take a Break.

Creative people need time to do nothing. It’s hard to draw the line between work and life sometimes. It’s crucial to set everything aside and take a break from time to time.

If you’re really struggling to complete something or feel burned out, don’t feel guilty. Relax and come back to it. It will all be there waiting for you.

3. Don’t Undercharge and Say No.

Set a price schedule and update as needed. Research so you have an idea of fair and equal value then create a price list for your services.

Don’t take on too much work either. It doesn’t do you or the client good if you’re spread too thin. If you know you can’t complete the work within a given timeline or without having a totally rushed and chaotic deadline, just say no.

There’s no reason to make things harder on yourself. Keep that headspace free and clear!

4. Keep Your Records.

Don’t wake up at 2AM randomly wondering where your passport is or what subscriptions you’re paying for.

Keep all files organized from the start. Name your files and if you have any printed records, store them in organized folders. Tax season and warranties are a lot easier to tackle when you know where your documents are.

5. Do the Best for Yourself too.

You, your work and your dreams deserve your time too, ya know? You are your own client, and you need to treat it that way.

Don’t neglect your portfolio or grand vision even if you are “busy”. Make the time to continually invest in yourself. You deserve your own time.

What are your tips? Leave a comment below.

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