6 Fresh Takes on Home Decor: Easy Ways to Style Your Bedroom

How do you decorate your room? If your spring cleaning includes sprucing up your bedroom, I’ve got a few looks and ideas you may like!

1. Add Extra Seating & Tables

If you have the space, create a small seating area. How many times have you propped your foot on the bed trying to tie a shoe or just needed a place to charge your phone?

These small areas are ideal for personal vignettes and items like jewelry, perfume, a water glass, etc. You can never have too much extra space in a bedroom.

And style it with art!

2. Low Headboard or None at All

A low maintenance style. A slightly elevated platform or low rise headboard creates the foundation for this minimal look. It’s a great space for dramatic lighting and lux bedding too.

Create an industrial, utilitarian or modern minimalist look depending on how you style it. Forget the bulky headboards, this look only requires a platform bed or just a frame. This may be a good idea for rental properties too!

3. Ambient Lighting & Wall Sconces

There’s something about ambient lighting that really changes an atmosphere. There’s no better space than a bedroom for some low-light wall sconces – even better if it’s hung against some nice curtains or backdrop linen.

If you can’t hardwire the lights, don’t worry. There are several companies who make plug in wall lighting. It’s easy to hide the wire too.

Photo: Nicole LaMotte | Design: Sara Ruffin Costello

4. Canopy Beds & Various Linens

I will forever be a fan of canopy beds because they are very fairy tale-like feeling. It’s like the visual oasis of a dreamy, airy look. You have several options when it comes to textiles – linen, silk, cotton, pressed polyester, etc. You can also use a number of track systems and hardware. Create your own fort.

(Pictured: Farrow & Ball)

5. Add Some Colorful Decor & Paint Your Room

Why not paint your room your favorite color? Opt in for really bold colors or if you can’t paint, purchase some unique styling items. Colorful decor is easy to switch in and out yet creates a big impact.

6. Indoor Plants

And don’t forget the plants! Plants improve air quality and brighten any space. Keep by the window in a cool vase or pot. If you prefer a larger plant like a fiddle leaf tree or palm, dress it up with some accent lighting. This is a great way to bring light into otherwise darker corners!

Other Ideas & Tips:

  1. Mix and match different textures, patterns and colors to create a layered, cozy atmosphere. For example, combine soft bedding with a faux fur throw and patterned accent pillows.
  2. Use a variety of lighting sources, including overhead lighting, bedside lamps and string lights, to create ambiance and highlight different areas of the room.
  3. Hang artwork or framed prints on the walls to add visual interest and break up blank spaces.
  4. Add a cozy seating area, such as a chaise lounge or reading nook, to create a relaxing spot to unwind.
  5. Place decorative accents, such as candles, plants, and decorative bowls, to add a pop of color and texture to shelves and tabletops.
  6. Create an accent wall using wallpaper, millwork, or a mural to make a statement and add depth to the room.
  7. Use functional items as decor, such as an antique ladder as a blanket rack, or a vintage suitcase as a bedside table.
  8. Display personal mementos, such as photographs or travel souvenirs, on shelves or in a gallery wall to add a personal touch to the space.
  9. Use rugs to add texture and define different areas of the room, such as a large area rug under the bed or a small accent rug by the reading nook.

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